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In today's digital world, manufacturers, trading partners and end customers predominantly do business online and are networked with each other through a variety of eBusiness processes. A seamless exchange of information is crucial to the success of these complex relationships - be it in addressing customers, providing product information or processing orders and invoices. We fully understand the specific challenges in this environment and offer targeted solutions to master them effectively.

  • Order management

  • Data quality
  • Distribution channels
  • Dropshipping & eCommerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Sustainability
  • Legal requirements
  • Market trends & expansion

Efficient order management

Optimisation and acceleration of your order processes for superior customer service

Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction with PBSeasy solutions. In today's fast-paced business world, smooth, efficient order management is crucial to the success of any organisation. With PBSeasy, you can optimise your order handling processes, shorten lead times and reduce errors in order processing.

Experience how PBSeasy simplifies the complexity of order processing. From order entry to delivery, our solution offers seamless integration of all process steps. You benefit from improved transparency and control over your orders, which not only boosts efficiency but also increases customer satisfaction.

Let's revolutionise your order management together and take your business to the next level.

Sales success through optimised product data

Outperforming the competition across all channels

In today's networked retail landscape, high-quality product data is the key to being successful across all sales channels and staying one step ahead of the competition. Our solution ensures that your product data is not only accurate and comprehensive, but also strategically prepared to maximise your sales potential.

The presence on different platforms and channels requires a consistent and appealing presentation of your products. With PBSeasy, you receive high-quality product data for all sales channels and all media. Ensure that you are present wherever your customers are - be it in online shops, on marketplaces or on social media. This not only increases the visibility of your products, but also increases customer confidence and willingness to buy.

In a market environment where speed and agility are crucial, this offers you a significant competitive advantage. By continuously updating and optimising your product data, you can anticipate trends and proactively respond to customer needs. Invest in the power of high-quality product data to boost your sales, increase your brand presence and gain a decisive edge over the competition.

With our support, your product data will become a powerful tool in the competition for attention and sales success.

PBSeasy - Digital change made easy

Online Marketplace

Use the PBSeasy Shop as your information and ordering platform. Research products from over 120 suppliers and see your daily updated net prices and product stock!

Content Platform

Discover it for yourself. Register and benefit from verified product data from over 120 suppliers. And all provided in a consistent and uniformly structured format!

White Label Shop

Give your customers more than just a place to shop. With our customised shop, you are not just another online retailer, but a trendsetter in digital commerce.

Stock / Availability

Significantly improve your planning processes. With PBSeasy, you always have transparent and immediate access to current stock and availability data, which enables you to make faster and more informed decisions.

Net prices

Find your individual customer net prices from all our suppliers bundled in one place - always up-to-date and accessible at any time for your convenience. Always stay up to date with your individual KiP history!


Integrate our API into your internal systems. This gives you the flexibility to access all the information you need at any time without having to leave your familiar system environment.