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Maximise your reach:

Use sales channels effectively and easily

PBSeasy® Data Manager

Efficiency and quality in one

This powerful solution allows you to manage all your product content - from detailed product descriptions to high-resolution images - with ease. It offers intuitive features for creating, editing and distributing content across multiple channels. Optimise your content processes, ensure consistency and improve the visibility of your products in the market. Our tool is the ideal choice for companies that want to effectively implement their content strategy and present their products efficiently and effectively.

PBSeasy® Data Interface

One interface - many satisfied partners

With an interface to PBSeasy, you can distribute your entire product content seamlessly to all desired target systems. Distribute your product information, descriptions and media content efficiently and consistently. Optimise your product presence with just one click: Our interface ensures automated, error-free distribution across a broad network of channels. Increase your market reach and ensure a consistent brand message across all sales platforms. Simple, efficient and effective - our tool is the ultimate solution for modern, digital retail management.

PBSeasy® Classic EDI


Revolutionise your business processes

Our EDI solution enables your company to transmit data quickly, securely and error-free, significantly increasing your business efficiency and responsiveness. Our EDI solution simplifies the exchange of orders, invoices and other important documents between business partners, minimising manual input and paperwork. This leads to reduced operating costs, improved business relationships and faster transaction processing. Switch to EDI and see your organisation reach new heights in speed, accuracy and efficiency.

PBSeasy® Fax2EDI


Faxes made easy for EDI documents

Fax2EDI is the ideal solution for organisations that want to bridge the gap between traditional fax and modern EDI technology. With our solution, we quickly and effortlessly convert your incoming faxes into EDI documents, allowing you to stay in your digital workflow without any additional effort. Fax2EDI guarantees secure and reliable transmission of your business documents, which not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of your organisation. This service is an essential component for any organisation that relies on the seamless integration of traditional and digital communication channels.